Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Indian Garden Oak Creek Market Review

Greetings all you happy people out on the Internets! This is Remington Miller (eldest of the Miller boys) writing the first restaurant review for our little blog. Because our family has such widely different styles of writing and reviewing, I thought I'd give you all a little explanation of how I conduct my reviews. I will be dividing this and all reviews that I do into sections based on aesthetics, service, price, and taste. If time is of the essence (for all you "TL;DR" folks [that's 'too long; Didn't read for everyone not familiar with interweb speak]), you can skip to the end for my "one sentence sum up" (trademark pending). There is also a "Forks Up" (also trademark pending) which lets you know how many of the Millers liked said establishment, not how much the reviewer liked it.

The first establishment to be so honored is the Indian Gardens Oak Creek Market, which will be referred to as the OCM from now on.

Aesthetics: The OCM is a quaint little deli and market near Sedona. It is settled in the scenic Oak Creek Canyon and is a beauty to behold. Nestled amongst the trees on the mountainside, the OCM looks completely picturesque on approach. The inside of the OCM is sparsely decorated and half of it is a sort of Kwik-E-Mart (Thank you, come again!). But the shelves and counter are made of wood and the interior decorating can be forgiven because you aren't there to eat inside. No. You order your food and either go out the front to enjoy the vista of the creek and canyon or you head out back into a private patio to enjoy the beauty of nature. And really, you can't beat nature's splendor when it comes to decorating.

Service: There's not much to say here. The counter is maned by fairly friendly staff who simply take your order and ring up your purchase. The OCM is essentially a convenience store that sells sandwiches and the staff is like the kind you'd find at such a location. They are cheerful and polite and you can strike up a conversation if your the outgoing type (unlike myself).

Price: The sandwiches at the OCM are fairly affordable. Most cost near six dollars but are reasonably sized for the price and are made with quality ingredients, so it's money well spent. The apple cider is expensive (ten dollars for a half gallon, two fifty a glass) but it's supposed to be killer (they were sold out by the time we ate there, so that should say something). The items in the market half of the store aren't cheap but not overpriced either, so you can pick up some candy, snacks, soda or beer (for those of you who are of age) at a reasonable price if you wish to add them to your meal.

Taste: The sandwiches are delicious. I ordered the Godfather, a classic Italian sandwich with red peppers and balsamic vinegar on a baguette. The Boar's Head (not actual boar but the company) meat and cheese was thickly packed and the peppers and Balsamic sauce perfectly complimented them. I ate half of a sandwich and was content. I also tried a few bites from the 'Dan the Man' (a Bacon-Havarti-Avocado on Sourdough) and the Reubenski (just what it sounds like). Both were great, the Dan being pleasantly melty and stuffed with juicy bacon and the Reubenski tasting just like a Reuben should. I was unable to get any Apple cider this trip (as I said before, they were sold out) but I've had it before and if you like cider (I refuse to call it 'apple juice') this is some quality stuff.

One sentence sum up: An idealistic getaway that I recommend for a casual day-trip or relaxing date (even if I have yet to have one).

Forks Up: 9 out of 9

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