Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dr. Watson vs. Professor Moriarty

As I mentioned, in the last post, we were recently in Denver CO visiting my Aunt and Uncle from whom I got that wonderful zucchini recipe. Well, while we were there, we went to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for one main reason...Dinosaurs! In this case a particular T.Rex named Sue (whether Sue is a she or a he is evidently still up for debate). Since we had just read about her/him a day earlier at the Black Hills Institute (I highly recommend you stop and see BHI if you find yourself in Hill City SD, but more about that in another post) we thought it might be neat for the kids to see the whole skeleton (replica, that is, since the real thing is at the Field Museum in Chicago which we found out is impossible to get to if there is a college football game at Soldier Field, more about that later too) and as many other dinos they might have.

Well, it turned out that they didn't have that many dino bones there but they did have a large interactive robotic dino display. As part of the display they had a live stage play in which "Sherlock Bones" asked a member of the audience to play Dr. Watson and one of our boys volunteered and was picked (for our son's sake I won't tell you which boy, but I'll give you a hint: his name rhymes with "Late"). "Late" did a great job assisting Sherlock...maybe too good a job, for when the show was just about over, Professor Moriarty (played by an older female museum worker in a black hat and cape) snuck up and stole one of Bone's dino bones, at which point Bones yelled "Watson! Stop him!" and "Late" ran after him/her and took a flying leap and tackled Professor Moriarty/older lady to the ground. The museum security guard (evidently unaware of the play)came running over and said "Hey kid! What do you think your doing!" I just shook my head and started to slowly walk away hoping no one would know that the kid in the matching green shirt was one of ours.

Of course when we were in the car I asked "Late" what was his favorite thing about the Museum, he said "Tackling the old lady." And when I asked his younger brother what he liked best he said "Late" tackling the old lady!" The most disturbing thing is that they said "the old lady" and not "Professor Moriarty"...Humm.

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