Monday, September 17, 2012

Ted's Hot Dogs Review

Has it been nearly a year since I wrote on this blog (or since anyone in general has updated it)? Well, that’s a crime and I’m aiming to fix that.  

For my second review we visit Ted’s Charcoal broiled hot dogs, a fantastic hot dog shop in Tempe.


Aesthetics: The inside of Teds is covered in pictures and pennants that herald of New York, where the franchise originated.  Indeed, the interior gives off the feel of a New York dine-and-go restaurant.  The sudo-wood benches and brick interior, while pleasant enough, encourage one to eat quickly rather than to stay and idle about.  Which is a good thing, as during peak hours the line for food can go out the door, so space at times can be at a premium.  Still, the atmosphere is pleasant enough and if the line is long you can read from the many sports magazines and New York newspapers they keep stocked.

Service: The staff working the grill are friendly and understanding, but you had better know what you are ordering when you get in line.  They rapidly take orders from those in the ‘q’ so as to keep the line moving and the dogs sizzling, so don’t be surprised if someone hollers for your order when you aren’t expecting it.  The staff won’t give you are hard time, but your fellow diners might get tweaked if you take too long to decide when asked.

Price: Ted’s Hot Dogs are incredibly well priced for their flavor. A regular hot dog runs less than $2:40 while a footlong costs just $3:65.  The sausages all cost $3:45 and are money well spent. Kids meals are $3:50 and comes with the choice of dog, burger or corndog, and a side, drink and diner-style hat.  Fries and onion rings are affordable as are the drinks, with refills for only a quarter.  And because their Loganberry is fantastic, you might just want to save your change for a refill when you leave.

Taste:  If you like hot dogs then you have to eat at Teds.  Heck, even if you think hot dogs are just okay, you should eat at Teds, they’re that good.  Every dog is grilled before your eyes and each is feast for the senses.  I personally enjoy the White Hot, a sausage made with pork and veal, loaded all the way (pictured above).  The White Hot is savory with a hint of spice, the skin cracking slightly over the tender meat within.  Covering it with every condiment at the stand, including hot cheese n’ chili and stewed peppers and onions, is the way a hot is supposed to be eaten and Teds does it perfectly.  Fries and onion rings make perfect sides; just make sure to ask for some celery salt to sprinkle on your side of choice.  But skip the soda.  Not because it’s bad, it’s just that the Loganberry is so fantastic that it would be criminal to get anything else. 

One sentence sum up: One hunk of heaven, grilled to perfection, with everything on top.

Forks Up: 9 out of 9

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