Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dolci Gelato Crepes

 We got visit our Daughter and her family in Georgia recently and tried a few of their local haunts.  One majorly yummy place that we tried was Paolo's Gelato Italiano at 1025 Virginia Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306. The owner Paolo Dalla Zorza was there the day we went and he was full of fun and happy banter.  He talked me into a homemade "cup cone" that looks like a cup but you can eat it like a cone and it was quite yummy with a scoop of stracciatella. The little girls had Rose gelato (Ooooo, piiiink mommy! I want PINK!) in Paolo's special "flower cones" which he makes just for such flavors which the girls were ecstatic about.  Andrew had a crepe Sunday, which he ate without sharing. 

 I forgot what the little guy ate but he loved it, as attested to by his messy face and shirt.

 I have had gelato in Spain and France, as well as places as far off as India and the Philippines, but mostly, of course, right here in the USA in good old Phoenix, AZ.  I must admit that Paolo's is not the "best" gelato I have ever had, but it is very good! Eating out isn't only about the quality of food (though that is very important) and the label "best" is subjective to each person's taste. Nor is it about location, nor atmosphere, nor service, nor price (Paolo's is not cheep by the way).  It is about "consistency".  One does not need to be the "best" but one must consistently be good to very good in food, atmosphere and service ( and not too outrageous in price).  Paolo's has the right mix of good food, cute atmosphere, nice walking location and, when Paolo's there, friendly service, to keep it open as a "go-to place" for as long as Paolo wants sell gelato instead of being a Vet or Magician (you can read his story at http://www.paolosgelato.com/the_story.html).  

All in all a fun place to go and a nice stop while walking around Virginia Highlands 

9 out of 9 spoons*!

*This time my daughter provided the extra persons since only three of us Millers were in GA visiting.

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